Ideas for Themed Wedding Cakes for Your Most Special Day by Michelle Lee

Themed Wedding Cakes

Themed wedding cakes throw tradition out of the window. Cakes are an essential part of a wedding ceremony. When planning the wedding, there are a great number of things that are needed to be considered, not only for the ceremony but also for the reception. There are endless choices for wedding cakes and you can even match the theme of your wedding for this central party food.

Wedding Cake Fundamentals

Scholar Themed Cake

Cakes should be prepared and decorated with both passion and careful attention. Most of those that are based on the theme of the wedding have over three tiers. They also have toppings and icings that correspond with the theme. Toppers are also important because these small figures can represent the personalities of the groom and the bride.

Themed cakes have become increasingly fashionable and popular. This is because they have unique and fresh designs that signify the whole marriage ceremony. You can easily complement the premise of your wedding whether it has a beach, season, geographical, or even classical theme.


Season Themed Cake

Summer, winter, spring, or fall themed cakes are quite well-liked nowadays especially since there are weddings that are inspired by nature. Usually, the time of the year in which the wedding will take place is the same season considered for the whole event. For instance, if your special day will happen during fall, leaves are among the most obvious elements for the cake. Colors play a part as well so your cake should contain shades of gold, red, brown, orange, and yellow. Cover the cake with plain white fondant.


Ocean and Beach Themed Cake

A casual, outdoor ceremony such as a beach themed wedding demands a fascinating and delicious beach-themed cake. Laid-back beach weddings should serve cakes that have lively hues or shades such as golden brown and blue and interspersed with green and white. The flavor would depend on your taste preference but basics like vanilla and chocolate are always surefire hits.

You are also free to choose the shape with options like round, heart, and circle. However, since this is a beach themed wedding, you can have rarer shapes like a starfish, sandcastle, or an island. Of course, you can adorn it with special accessories like brown sugar to represent sand, molded sugar “seashells”, and other sweet and delectable replicas of marine animals.

Customized Cakes

Mouse and Cheese Themed Cake

There are times when you simply want to practice and display your creativity. There are many ways on how you can generate your own cake for your themed wedding:

Use your imagination. Shape the cake to resemble your favorite buildings or landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.

A squared-shape cake may be too simple but you can put extra excitement to it by adding extraordinary items like swans swimming in a virtual cake “pond,” which is made up of icing.

Themed Wedding Cakes

Chinese themed weddings need three tiers of cake that are decorated with the most complex flowers and details.

Indian themed wedding cakes are known for their bright colors. They represent Indian culture in the best way. They are quite often decorated with elephants and bright colors.

In Conclusion

Themed cakes for weddings definitely defy habitual practices. They also embody the personal qualities of the bride and groom using edible and tasty works of art. Having chosen your perfect wedding venue, you can study these examples and pick a perfect wedding cake.

- Michelle

Michelle Lee is a marketing consultant working for a wedding venue company in Australia called Miramare Gardens. She is internally driven and motivated, and loves her work.

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