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New App By Consuming Louisville Author

If you are a local Louisville restaurant, then there is something coming out of which you must be aware. Michelle Jones, (of Consuming Louisville fame) has made it her life's purpose to promote local businesses, specifically restaurants, in Louisville. No seriously, the fact that she just posted her 3,000th post in 5 years means she can't possibly do anything else but write blogposts (even though she somehow seems to work in time for research and visits). We here at Prima are always impressed by the amount of informative, relevant, quality, and often humorous content she is able to push out. If you have never checked out her blog, I encourage you to read through a few of her posts. If you live in Louisville and enjoy good food, then I really insist that you follow her blog as she often is the one to break the news about upcoming or lesser known local restaurants in the Louisville, KY area. Even if you don't live in Louisville, you may find her posts enjoyable and informative, and they will always prove to be a good guide for when you are visiting the area.

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Louisville Restaurants, Sign Up Here

If you are the owner or manager of a local restaurant in Louisville, then I encourage you to sign up and have your restaurant added to "Menu & Hours". Here is the link where you can sign up for the app:

Menu & Hours Restaurant App Contact Form

You may be wondering, why are the Prima People so excited about this? Is Michelle paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars to write a blogpost promoting her app? While we would not necessarily turn down the prospect of being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to write one blogpost (ok, that would be pretty epic), the truth is that we at Prima are composed of a number of wannabe foodies. We love food, we love going to restaurants, and we especially love the local restaurant scene happening in Louisville. We see a lot of promise in this app that Michelle is creating because of its unique ability to simply and elegantly offer all of the information needed for particular restaurants that have her stamp of approval. In our opinion, good ideas like this app deserve a blogpost and as much publicity as they can get.

Don't own or manage a restaurant but want your favorite restaurant to be added to this app? Suggest it to them by using the social buttons on the left side of this post.

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