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Now granted, I have not lived in NYC or New Orleans and I'm sure that people would say the same in those cities and in any other. But one thing's for sure, Louisville might be small, but the size of its heart for local and diverse restaurants is significant. New Orleans may have us beat on the shrimp poboys and New York City might have us beat sheer number of restaurants, but I would argue that Louisville is close to the top in per capita foodies. People love their local restaurants here, and you see that by the continual growth and support for them... even through the recession.

Meditteranean alwatan chicken and rice

Southern Living Tastiest Town in the South

Why go off on a glowing recommendation of Louisville? Southern Living Magazine is holding a contest for a user voted "South's Tastiest Town" from December 22 until January 31. Each person can vote once a day until the contest ends. Need extra incentive? One of those voters will actually be chosen to be taken on a $2,500 trip to the Southern city of their choice.

Louisville is in the contest and is currently trailing Lafayette by approximately 5,000 votes. Therefore, if you are from Louisville, it is your civic duty to go vote every day until the contest ends! If you are not in Louisville, then you will just have to take my word for its propensity for diverse and local restaurants and vote for it anyway. You can cast your vote on Southern Living's Website here:

South's Tastiest Towns Contest

southern living tastiest town in the south contest

Want various opinions on the food scene here in the Ville? Check out these local bloggers and their thoughts:

Also see local news WLKY's report on the contest: Louisville Among Southern's Tastiest Towns

If you agree with my assessment of Louisville's success in the realm of food, use the social media links on the left of your screen to spread the word to your family and friends and get more votes for Louisville!

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