Why You Should be Energy Efficient & Community Driven: Restaurant Idea Roundup

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The benefit for restaurant owners is that as energy efficient, eco-friendly, commercial equipment becomes more main stream, the cost of the product not only goes down due to competition but energy savings start adding up, affecting you bottom line in a positive way. It is now relatively easy to find commercial restaurant equipment that is also energy efficient and designed to be earth friendly. Thus you can spend quite a bit less money on an energy efficient model than you would have had to do just a few years ago, realize improved savings due to a reduction in energy consumption, and foster goodwill with your patrons and guests. A win, win for all involved.

Community driven, environmentally friendly business choices equals customer loyalty:

The Times Record reports on a local pizzeria in Freeport Maine that has been “feeding the community since 1904”. Talk about longevity, Derosier’s has been owned and operated for 107 years by the same family. What I found interesting about this article is how a small shop has survived and adapted to the competition and the needs of the community. The whole article is an interesting read but two things are telling for small restaurants and big chains alike.

  • Community involvement is important. Not just slapping a name on the back of a little league jersey but actually taking part in the community and being known as a community leader fosters goodwill and loyalty. If you don’t like the community you are doing business in you will have a hard time making that connection.
  • Business practices that improve the community are noticed and appreciated. Instead of simply throwing away unused food they compost and save all food waste for the feeding of pigs at a local farm. All containers are recyclable or compostable, and they have replaced lighting, and refrigeration units with energy efficient models. Now not everyone has a local pig farm to which they can send composted food waste. However, where state and local laws allow how about donating left over food to a homeless shelter? My local Panera franchise did this back at my hometown of Kalamazoo MI, which did not go unnoticed by the community.

Bottom line, figure out how you can actually be involved in the community and be an environmentally conscientious leader. You can read the full article here and if you are ever in Freeport Maine you can stop in and see this for yourself, check out their Derosiers website for some interesting facts about 1904.

Technological Innovation: Sea Water as a Heating Method

I found this article by the Kodiak Daily Mirror to be interesting as it reports on the Ted Stevens Research Institute in Juneau Alaska switching over to a heating system that uses recycled seawater to heat a 66,000 square foot building. Now admittedly I don’t know of any 66,000 square foot restaurants which makes the technology, at least right now, impractical for stand-alone restaurants. But the concept is intriguing, and technology, if successful, has a way of trickling down to more common use. Who knows, in a few years maybe seaside restaurants will have the option of not only offering fresh fair but be warmed by fresh water as well.

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Back to the Future: Grow Your Own Garden?

This idea takes you back to the turn of the century as reported by National Restaurant News of hotels and restaurants growing their own garden on the roof of their buildings. The benefits are freshness, accessibility, and seasonal variety, as well as maybe a stress reliever for an overworked chef. Anyway check out the article for some ideas.

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Some Energy Efficient Upgrades:

So hopefully you have some ideas for how you can help improve your local community while at the same time improving your bottom line. Replacing normal bulbs with energy efficient CFL’s, windows with double pained glass, heating and air conditioning units with high efficiency models, and commercial equipment with energy efficient equipment. An internal energy audit is a great way to identify the most needed adjustments and prioritize the highest ROI upgrades. Wherever equipment upgrades fall in that list then come back and checkout our lineup of commercial ice machines for sale.

Have more cost saving energy efficient or community involvement ideas? Than drop us a note in the comments.

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