Check Your Order for Damage in 3 Simple Steps

Check Your Order for Damage in 3 Simple Steps
  1. 1 Don't sign until you inspect your order
  2. 2 If you see damage, do not sign for it
  3. 3 Give us a call so that we can help (888) 810-5043

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  1. Do not be rushed into signing for your delivery before you thoroughly inspect it. We will not be able to replace the item or issue any sort of refund for the damages if you don’t note anything on the receipt but find damage later. The most you can do if you do find concealed damage after you've signed is file a claim with the freight carrier. Sometimes carriers will reimburse you, but it's going to take several phone calls and lots of follow up and even then nothing is guaranteed. In order for us to assist with damaged items, the damage must be noted before signing for the item.
  2. Not all freight damage is visible from the outside of the packaging, so please open your order before you sign. You should be looking for visible, external damage such as dents or scratches on the products. Some carriers may say you need a reasonable cause to open up the package. If that's the case, then you simply need to find anything wrong with the outside packaging in order to open it up and inspect the actual items.
  3. When you sign for the unit you've ordered, it's legally yours based on what the receipt says. If there aren't any notes written on the receipt, then the order is viewed as being complete and in perfect condition, even if it was damaged or pieces went missing in transit. Check out our complete shipping policy for more info.

Shipping Policy


There's a few important things that you need to remember before signing for and receiving your merchandise from the freight carrier. If you find any signs of damage on the packaging, such as tears or dents, inform the driver that you'd like to inspect the package more fully, by pointing to these visible indications.

We want you to find a reason to remove the packaging to make sure that there is no concealed damage. The driver may try to rush you and tell you that you're not allowed to remove the packaging. If that happens, please give us a call and we will speak with them.

After removing the exterior packaging, please make sure to note the top sides and bottom corners of the units, as this is where we see most freight damage occur. Once you've made a full inspection and everything looks good, sign for your item.

Please remember that signing the delivery receipt, is signing over responsibility from us to you. If your merchandise does arrive damaged, do not sign for your item. Please note it on the delivery receipt, refuse the item and then give us a call.

We will work with the freight carrier to make sure you get new merchandise in a timely fashion.

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