What is Lift Gate?

What is lift gate?

So, unless you have a loading dock, forklift, or a bunch of strong folks you should add lift gate service during checkout.

How much is lift gate?
My order qualifies for lift gate. Why do I need it?
You are responsible to unload your equipment from the back of the truck, and if you or others aren't available to unload it then your shipment order will go back to the terminal and you will incur re-delivery fees.
Why can't a standard delivery truck just lower it to the ground?
Standard delivery trucks do not include lift gates.
Will it add extra time to my shipment?
Yes, it might. It's usually a day or two extra. Most shipping terminals only have a few lift gate trucks so their wait time is a bit longer.
Will they bring it inside / install it if I pay for lift gate?
No, the freight company will only lower it to the ground outside of your establishment.
Wait, I'm paying almost $59 for my order to move 4 feet?
Yes, freight lines charge extra to send out a lift gate truck. We do not require anyone to purchase lift gate - it's your choice if you want it or not. If you go with the free, standard shipping, make sure you have means to unload your shipment when it arrives.

When purchasing restaurant equipment that weighs a hundred pounds or more, it's important to remember that you are responsible for unloading and removing your merchandise from the freight truck.

Because the freight truck sits about four and a half feet off the ground, you will need a forklift, loading dock or available personnel to be able to help you. If you do not have any of these options available, you may want to consider adding Liftgate to your order.

Liftgate is a hydraulic lift attached to the back of the freight truck, to help lower your merchandise to the ground. This ensures an easy and safe delivery.

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