BK Resources BKF-DMPR-WB-AF12-G Lead Free Deck Mount Pre-Rinse w/Add-on Faucet

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19 lbs
35 in
13 in
3 in


Time is money, and without a pre-rinse in your kitchen, it takes longer for your staff to wash the dishes. After a while, those minutes add up! BK Resources has the perfect pre-rinse to save you some of those dollars.

BK Resources offers high quality products at very affordable prices. In business since 2001, they have experienced growth year after year and expanded their facilities to better serve their customers. Backed by a 2 year warranty, the BKF-DMPR-WB-AF12-G is a dependable pre-rinse that is sure to last wash after wash. Buy one from Prima today and stop watching those dollars go down the drain!


Standard Features

  • 12" add-on faucet
  • Triple ply 300 PSI hose
  • Meets 2014 lead-free standards
  • Female inlets measuring 1/2”
  • Wall bracket reaches up to 12”
  • Red and blue temperature indicators
  • Ceramic cartridges with 1/4" turn
  • 2 year warranty
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