Ditting KFA1403 Industrial Coffee Grinder

KFA1403 Industrial
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Learn more about Ditting grinders as well as download spec sheets, user manuals, and parts diagrams from the US distributor, Prima Coffee Equipment.

  • What's in the Box

  • Ditting KFA1403 Industrial Coffee Grinder
  • Steel Hopper
  • Extended Chute
  • Grounds Tray
  • Product Manual
Ditting KFA1403 Industrial Coffee Grinder
Loading the Ditting KFA1403 Hopper

Powerful & Reliable

Ditting has been hard at work pushing the envelope in order to consider and manufacture grinders for every application. The KFA1403 Industrial coffee grinder fits in perfectly wherever fast, uniform ground coffee is needed, and it works especially well in a roasting and packaging facility. The KFA1403 is capable of handling a tremendous, 1000 pound-per-day workload, which makes it ideal for any environment where bulk grinding is is a focal point for your business and reliability is non-negotiable.

Ditting KFA1403 Grind Adjustment Wheel

Nothing Sacrificed

The Ditting KFA1403 Industrial grinder is fitted with 140mm, coarse steel burrs that make it capable of grinding well over 1000 pounds of coffee per day at an incredible rate of 8 pounds per minute. These burrs can be swapped out for Turkish or mid-range burrs upon request. A stepless adjustment wheel provides grinding capabilities for a wide range of 200 microns to 1,100 microns. To make things even simpler, the mechanical paddle that sits directly below the hopper offers as both an on/off switch and as a bag clamp, allowing for a completely hands-free, bulk grinding experience.

Bulk Grinding with the Ditting KFA1403

Tremendous Results, Minimal Work

With the KFA1403 Industrial grinder, Ditting decided to integrate an extended, off-counter chute for grinding into bins and large receptacles, meaning that you could, theoretically, load the 30 pound hopper, and flip the bag clamp/activation switch, so that the grinder is already running before beans are introduced to the burrs. This is a feature not seen on many other bulk grinders, and it allows for a more streamlined workflow and ease of use. This grinder also makes use of internal fans to keep the burrs cool and your grind consistent. All in all, the Ditting KFA1403 Industrial grinder can handle the task at hand, regardless of size or allocated space.


    140mm Flat Burrs


    Stepless Grind Adjustment


    Superb Grind Quality


    Extremely Versatile

More Features

Paddle Activated Power and Bag Clamp

Extended Grind Range

100µm to 1,200µm Grind Size Range

High Capacity Grinding

UL, ETL, NSF & Certifications


Country of Origin: Germany
Burr Material: Wear-Resistant Steel
Burr Size: 140 mm
Burr Life: 35,000 lbs
Hopper Capacity: 22 lbs
Grind Speed: 8 lbs/min
RPM: 1400 (50Hz)
Power: 200-240V/2000W/10A/3 Phase
Motor: 2.7HP
Dimensions: 24.75 in. (H) x 10 in. (W) x 9.5 in. (D)
Weight: 100 lbs

Ditting Grinder Comparison Chart

Model: 807 Retail 807 Filter 807 Lab Sweet KR1203 Retail KR1403 Retail KFA1403 Industrial
Application: Retail bag grinding, up to 30lbs per day Retail bag & batch brew basket grinding, up to 30lbs per day. Retail bag grinding & single dosing for cupping, pour over or espresso, up to 30lbs per day Retail bag grinding, up to 500lbs per day Retail bag grinding, up to 1000+ lbs per day Roasting areas, up to 1000+ lbs per day.
Hardware: Vibrating plate Adjustable forks & slide chute Folding platform, metal grounds catch Vibrating plate Vibrating plate Extended chute, built-in shutoff valve
Grind Size Range: 130µm-1,400µm 130µm-1,400µm 100µm-1,200µm 300µm-900µm 200µm-1,100µm 200µm-1,100µm
Output (lbs/min/800µm): 2 2 2 5 8 8
Burr Lifespan (lbs): 5,500+ 5,500+ 15,000+ 15,000+ 15,000+ 15,000+
Hopper Capacity (lbs): 1.1 1.1 1.1 2.4 2.4 22
Duty Cylcle: 45 Sec On/180 Sec Off 45 Sec On/180 Sec Off 45 Sec On/180 Sec Off Continuous run Continuous run Continuous run
Power: 120v, 60hz, Single Phase, 6A 120v, 60hz, Single Phase, 6A 120v, 60hz, Single Phase, 6A 120v, 60hz, Single Phase, 13A 220v, 60hz, Three Phase, 10A 220v, 60hz, Three Phase, 10A
Dimensions WxDxH (inches): 9 x 14 x 27 9 x 14 x 27 9 x 14 x 27 12 x 16 x 34 12 x 16 x 34 13 x 16 x 29
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