True GDM-23-HC~TSL01 Standard Swing Door Merchandising Refrigerator

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500 lbs
28 in
31 in
80 in


In a Hurry? Check Out these Key Benefits!

  • True's standard glass swing door merchandiser is great for brilliantly displaying packaged food and beverages and driving profits.
  • Environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential and minimal contribution to global warming.
  • Patented reversing condensing fan motor keeps the condenser coil clean, reducing energy consumption by as much as 20%, extending the lifespan of the compressor, and providing accurate temperatures.
  • Merchandiser comes completely pre-wired and ready for one final connection to a 115/60/1 phase, 15 amp dedicated outlet.
  • High capacity, factory balanced refrigeration system maintains cabinet temperatures of 33° - 38°, optimizing food preservation.

A High Quality Design for any Food and Beverage Display.

If you are looking for a way to brilliantly display packaged food and beverages while still keeping them perfectly chilled for customers, True provided an excellent option with the GDM-23-HC~TSL01 standard swing door merchandising refrigerator. This efficient and attractive design will allow you to create the perfect display for your local grocery or convenience store. The GDM-23-HC~TSL01, wrapped in no-peel or chip black powder coated cold rolled steel, is designed with a finish that is both durable and permanent.