True GDM-35F~TSL01 Glass Swing Door Merchandising Freezer

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894 lbs
44 in
34 in
83 in


In a Hurry? Check Out these Key Benefits!

  • True's glass swing door merchandising freezer brilliantly displays frozen food and ice cream, driving profits and increasing impulse sales.
  • Factory engineered, self-contained, capillary tube system uses 134A refrigerant.
  • Sealed, cast iron, self-lubricating evaporator fan motor and larger fan blades provide a more efficient low velocity, high volume airflow design, ensuring faster temperature pull down of warm products, colder holding temperatures, and faster recovery in high use situations.
  • Energy efficient, safety shielded LED lighting provides bright and even lighting throughout the cooler, produced less heat, decreases energy consumption, and lasts up to five times longer than traditional fluorescent lighting.
  • Automatic defrost system is time-initiated and temperature-terminated, saving energy consumption and providing the shortest possible defrost cycle.
  • Merchandiser comes completely pre-wired and ready for one final connection to a 115/60/1 phase, 15 amp dedicated outlet.
  • High capacity, factory balanced refrigeration system maintains a cabinet temperature of -10°F, ideal for storing and selling frozen goods.

A Point of Purchase Merchandiser that Provides a Brilliant Display.

Designed using the highest quality materials and components, True's GDM-35F~TSL01 glass swing door merchandising freezer provides the user with an attractive point of purchase merchandiser that brilliantly displays frozen food and ice cream. The result: increased profit and higher impulse sales. It's a win-win. The GDM-35F~TSL01's compact design allows you to create the perfect display for your frozen merchandise near any checkout line without sacrificing space that is already at a premium.

Forming a durable and permanent display, the GDM-35F~TSL01 is finished in no-peel black powder coated cold rolled steel. You can also purchase this unit with a white powdercoat - simply choose from the available options at checkout. Plus, with a white, NSF-approved, aluminum interior liner, stainless steel floor, and a vibrant door sign decal, the merchandiser is aesthetically appealing from every angle. Creating brighter and more even light, energy efficient LED lighting lasts up to five times longer than traditional fluorescents. It also produces less heat throughout the cooler, ensuring consistent refrigeration temperatures. And finished off with a triple pane, thermal insulated glas