Back Bar Coolers

True TBB-2G back bar cooler

Your bartenders are rock stars. But every star needs backup - a band or a back bar cooler, as the case may require. Like a good background singer, a good back bar refrigerator stands out by not standing out. It plugs away inconspicuously, keeping your eclectic blend of imports, microbrews, and other beers cool, accessible, and - in the case of glass door bar bars like the TBB-4G - beautifully displayed.

Our back bar coolers come in a wide range of sizes and finishes. The sleek black finish of our standard back bars helps them blend demurely into your bar. A stainless steel cooler can suggest prestige or contribute to a more industrial look. You may need a standard stainless steep top or a galvanized finish for installation under your countertop. Many of our customers favor the glass door back bars because patrons are given a visual on which beers are available. Whatever your needs, we have a back bar cooler that will hum harmony for your song of success.

In order to give you plenty of options, both in price and in style, we carry back bar refrigeration from several popular brands including True, Turbo, and Excellence. If all these options are intimidating, give us a call. We'll be glad to help!

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