How to Choose a Fryer like a Boss (III)

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Some people may consider choosing how you will filter your fryer oil as a separate decision from choosing a fryer. But ignoring this question while fryer shopping may mean you miss out on your best options. Choose your fryer and filtration like a boss and ask yourself:

How Much Are Safety & Convenience Worth?

vulcan push button filtration

Oil filtration can be one of the most dangerous jobs in the kitchen, depending on the method used. The safest option out there is a built-in filtration system like Vulcan's KleenScreen Plus. In an almost hands-off process that takes about two minutes, the oil is drained, filtered, and recycled back into the fryer. The operator does nothing but open the drain, close the drain, and push the "filter" button. Boom. Clean oil - like a boss

So why don't more people opt for built-in filtration? Two words: money & vision. Unfortunately, some shops simply cannot afford these systems. The cash is not there. For many who could find cash or credit, however, the problem is they're too near-sighted. It's hard to justify spending thousands on a process you cut your teeth doing by hand. But if you look a little past the initial expense, you start seeing savings that quickly pays back your investment.

Choose fryer filtration like a boss; but not this boss:

bad boss indifferent to danger of manual fryer filters

You care about your team members and are smart enough to know that investing in safety and efficiency is always a win. Let's look at some of the alternatives to traditional manual filters...

vulcan kleen screen plus built-in filter

Built-in filtration

The savings from built-in filtration comes at multiple levels. To start with, these systems save time. Manual filtering with a cone can take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes from setup to cleanup. If you filter every day as recommended, a built-in filter can chop hundreds of hours from your labor sheet every year. Simplifying the process also means this important task will get done more regularly. Since sediment buildup accelerates oil breakdown, regularly filtering your oil can double or triple your oil life. Oil is the most expensive element of frying, so saving on shortening means you save thousands within a couple years.

For an example of a great built-in filter, check out this video about Vulcan's KleenScreen system

vulcan vf-1 portable filter

Mobile filtration

Of course, a built in system is not for everyone. If you are short on cash or have other fryers you want to filter as well, you may opt for a mobile filter like Vulcan's MF-1. Since a quality mobile filtration unit can move the oil at a rate of 4-8 gal/min., you can still complete the task in less than 10 min., accounting for setup and stowing time. Simply wheel the filter up to your fryer, plug in the cord, and use the wand to extract the oil from the frypot. Once the pot is empty, the pump is reversed and the filtered oil is returned to the fryer ready to rock.

Both built-in and mobile filtration systems encourage frequent filtering with their simplicity and pay you back with their savings. More importantly, they help your people avoid serious injury and you avoid expensive workman's comp claims. So when considering a filter system, ask yourself, "How much is the safety of my people worth?

Now, Choose Your Fryer Like a Boss!

We hope this short series has helped you as you shop for a new commercial deep fryer. In our first post, we talked about fryer sizing, helping you answer the question, "How much do I need?" In our second post, we explained why you shouldn't dismiss the question, "How much can I spend?" Today's post engages the topic of fryer filtration and asks, "How much are safety and convenience worth?". Of course, some customers will have other questions - questions our customer service team here at Prima Supply would be happy to answer; but these three key decisions will equip most to pick the best fryer to match their needs. Don't just buy any old fryer; choose a fryer like a boss.

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