Manitowoc NEO Ice Machines: 6 Reasons the Amish Might Disapprove

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Forget hippies, anarchists, and metalheads, if you want the original “rage against the machine” geniuses, it’s the Amish. In each generation, technology and worldly draws have arisen to challenge their simple way of life; in each generation, they have resisted, living by principles of Ordnung (German for order or discipline). These principles support close-knit community and prohibit “anything which could promote sloth, luxury or vanity.” This spring, a new challenge to their way of life has reared its head - Manitowoc’s new NEO undercounter ice makers. Here below are 6 reasons for concern. Even if you’re not Amish (and you’re probably not, since you’re reading a blog online), you may want to ask - “Will the NEO ruin my soul?”

1. Production = lost intimacy

NEO: Powerful Production

Put simply, this ice machine makes more ice. By making as much as 20% (up to 40 lbs) more ice in the same footprint as previous ice maker undercounters, the NEO supports more customers. This might seem like a good thing, what with larger crowds and increased revenue, but larger crowds are more impersonal. What you lose with Manitowoc’s NEO ice machine is the intimacy supported by your old underperforming undercounter.

2. Serviceability = lost community

Easily Serviceable Ice Machine

The NEO is easier to fix. By simplifying service, the NEO shortens maintenance times. In the past, repair work might require dismantling your ice maker simply to identify the problem. Manitowoc’s innovative NEO allows the bin to be removed with the simple pop of two tabs and a quick flip of a switch, providing easy access to all the internal parts. Gone are the days of hours upon hours with your neighborhood service tech. If you buy a new NEO, won’t you miss those times?

3. Control = lost humility

Recognizable Icons on the NEO

NEO undercounters allow more control, with features like money-saving production delay and other universally recognizable icons. The NEO’s production delay feature reduces water and energy costs. Enjoy the option of 4, 12, or 24 hour deferment of ice production. Power up the cleaning cycle and it automatically switches off upon completion. Efficient automation results in reduced costs and keeps you one step ahead of the game. This is all a win, right? Not so fast, Brains. Use of smart features like this could make you feel smarter than your fellow human, leading to vanity. You already make the best burgers in town. Can your humility survive more accolades?

4. Cleanability = lost diligence

NEO: Maintenance Minded Components

The NEO is simple to clean. With coved bin corners, tool-less access to components in need of cleaning, AlphaSan antimicrobial compounds molded into the interior, and a simple button for the cleaning cycle, this ice machine is easier to clean than ever. Rounded corners are wiped in a flash. The air filter pops out and is cleaned with a quick rinse. AlphaSan tech fights bacteria and reduces the frequency of routine cleaning. The self-cleaning cycle maximizes labor by working for you. Again, this seems like a good thing, but what ever happened to good ol’ fashioned diligence? Think of all your hard work has taught you. Do you really want to give that up and let the NEO make you lazy?

5. Savings = lost simplicity

Money-Saving Ice Maker Machine

The NEO will save you money. Each of the air-cooled models is Energy Star certified to cut energy usage by over 10% and water usage by at least 25%, driving the results you need. These simple savings stack up over the lifespan of the unit. Reducing this expense, however, might lead to wealth and luxury. Consider yourself warned!

6. And the Obvious...

Um...well, it runs on electricity. Banished!

Watch the NEO in action:

Sure, production, ease, control, and savings all seem like good things, but are they worth it? Keep these points in mind as you watch this video for more information on Manitowoc’s NEO series.

The Anywhere Ice Machine

The NEO makes one more step toward simplifying your life. So, while the Amish might disapprove, at the bottom line these handful of reasons mean you can enhance employee efficiency, keep money in your wallet, and save time. From the restaurant, bar, and café to the coffee shop, stadium box, and deli - even medical, office, or church use - the applications of the NEO are near endless. These little geniuses produce the results you need, where and when you need them.

Peruse our complete line of NEO Ice Makers today! Leave a comment below letting us know your reasons why the Amish would forbid the use of Manitowoc's NEO. Thanks for the read!

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