Manitowoc Q-Series Ice Machines

Q-Series Ice Machine

Manitowoc Q-Series

UPDATE: These ice makers have been replaced by the NEO Series from Manitowoc, take a look!

Manitowoc is a leading competitor for ice makers in the restaurant industry. Year in and year out, Manitowoc produces award-winning, energy-efficient ice machines. The Q-series undercounter fits this description and is one of the most popular series Manitowoc produces. If you’re looking for an undercounter ice machine, you should definitely consider one from Manitowoc, and here’s why:


Compact Sizing

At the first glance of a Q-Series ice machine, you’ll notice how little space it takes. The compact sizing makes it perfect for kitchens, bars, coffee shops, and break rooms needing an ice machine that will fit smoothly into a small space.


Easy to Clean

Cleaning a Q-Series ice machine is simple. All you have to do is add a little cleaning solution, flip a switch, and in a short time you have a clean, ready-to-use ice machine. Also, the reusable air-filter slides out without any tools, making it easy to clean the filter routinely. On top of that, some internal parts have been coated with Alpha San, an antimicrobial solution made from silver, resulting in longer periods in between cleaning cycles.

Convenient Features

The Q-Series comes with a few  noteworthy convenient features for commercial kitchens. First, an angled bin door provides direct visibility and easy access to the ice. Second, a flat right-angle plug makes it easier to install in tighter spaces. And third, a sleek stainless steel exterior will fit well in any environment, whether a coffee shop or kitchen.

Energy Star

Energy Star Approval

Certain Q-series models feature an Energy Star certification, specifically the QD-0212A and QY-0214A. Having an Energy Star certified ice maker means that you have a product that’s designed to be energy efficient, which not only results in saving money on your electric bill, but also results in conserving the environment.

Manitowoc Ice Machines Give Restaurant Owners a Peace of Mind

Peace-of-Mind Warranty

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a machine break. The warranty on a Q-Series ice machine  covers 5 years parts and labor on the evaporator, 5 years parts and 3 years labor on the compressor, and 3 years parts and labor on all other components, giving restaurant owners a peace of mind just in case something unexpected happens.

Manitowoc Ice Machines are well-engineered

Manitowoc Engineering and Quality

Above all, purchasing a Q-Series ice machine means that you’re purchasing from a leader in commercial ice machines. Manitowoc produces their machines with quality in mind, and the fact that they’re a consistent award winner- Foodservice Equipment and Suppliers Award and Energy Star Award - year in and year out proves this. With a Manitowoc Q-Series ice machine, restaurant owners can rest assured that the ice machine they are purchasing represents innovative engineering and tedious manufacturing.

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