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Founded in 1997, Turbo Air is a newcomer within the refrigeration industry. As such, they recognize that the only way to gain the trust of the consumer is to produce both quality and innovative products. Turbo Air has therefore invested heavily into researching new technological developments for their refrigerators and freezers. As a result, their products boast of many features that other refrigeration brands lack.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Shelves

One such prominent feature on some Turbo Air models might not seem significant at first, but, in fact, it is a rather creative solution for protecting against corrosion. It is none other than using stainless steel shelves instead of PVC coated shelves. Traditionally, PVC coated shelves corrode and rust after some time, creating an unsanitary storage environment for food. Stainless steel shelves, on the other hand, are highly resistant to corrosion if properly maintained. While it shouldn’t rust in terms of how you think of rust, that is, red flakes, it is possible for stainless steel to corrode. However, with proper cleaning and maintenance stainless steel can last for a long time. See our blog on how to clean stainless steel to learn more information.

Digital temperature Display

Digital Temperature Display

Another feature found on Turbo Air products that’s not generally found on other manufacturers’ products is the digital temperature control system. This control system allows restaurant owners to easily monitor and adjust the temperature as needed. Furthermore, since the temperature control panel is digital instead of analog, restaurant owners can have precision in both the monitoring and the setting of the internal temperature of the unit.

Ugly Cat

Aesthetically Pleasing

Turbo Air designs their products to be aesthetically pleasing. Each unit comes with rounded corners that not only prevent injuries, but also gives the unit a sleek European-style finish. The sharp look of a Turbo Air product is sure to standout in a commercial kitchen and give it some class.

As Turbo Air continues to grow as a company, their products will continue to only get better. Their investment into research and development will pay big dividends in the end and will manifest itself by the innovative products that are produced. You can see all Turbo Air Refrigerators and Freezers.

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