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Hi. Josh here with Prima Supply. We're here today to talk to you about about two of the quietest commercial blenders on the market today. We've got the Vitamix Quiet One and the Stealth by Blendtec. These are two blenders at the top of their class.

Vitamix 360149 - The Quiet One Blender - 48oz

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So what makes them perform so well? They both have a sound enclosure that keeps the noise level down, they both have very customizable and programmable buttons, they are solidly built, and both very easy to disassemble and clean.

But there are a few different pros and cons of each. Let's take a look at those. On the Vitamix it's got a very easy-to-remove sound enclosure. It's magnetic, so it just lifts right off and goes right back on. It also has a sound dampening pad to keep the noise level as low as possible. The buttons on this one are a little bit easier to operate than on the other one because it's just very simple to hit. We really love the advanced jar from Vitamix. It's very easy to pour and easy to add more ingredients in, if you so desire. Also, the Vitamix is slightly quieter than the Blendtec but by a mere few decibels.

Blendtec Stealth Ultra Quiet Countertop Blender

Just the right blend of sound dampening, power, and cutting-edge technology to get the job done.

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The Blendtec has a few advantages of its own. One being the touch interface which is very unique. The slider here lets you manually select the speed very easily for recipe and menu creation. It's also incredibly customizable, more so than the Vitamix, in that you can have multiple profiles for these buttons. So if you do a lot of smoothies in the morning and maybe more milkshakes at night, it's very easy to switch between those profiles, in between shifts, by simply pressing a few different buttons.

The Blendtec also is completely customizable for your own recipes, more so than the Vitamix, by just hopping online, creating your own recipes and uploading them via a USB port on the side. Blendtec gives you their WildSide jar which has a fifth side on the inside here. It's a little bit less pourable though, than the Vitamix's Advance Jar. The Blendtec also has a Twister Jar available, which is a cylinder, and is a little bit better for food processing as well.

So what's really special about these is that they're quiet. Let's run both of them and show you just how quiet they actually are for your business. As I mentioned before, we found the Vitamix to be slightly quieter, but not by much. We're using an app called Decibel Ultra by which we tested them at about medium speed and about full speed.

The Vitamix was slightly quieter, but the Blendtec is a little bit more powerful, that 3.8 horsepower versus a 3 horsepower on the Vitamix. We're going to use a medium smoothie setting for both of these and just see how they both handle, making a simple strawberry-banana smoothie. These come right off on multipurpose settings right out of the box.

So we're going to press these at the same time and see how they go. [whirring] You can see, they're actually very quiet. If you lift the lid it's a lot louder. But I can continue carrying on a conversation and talking very easily with multiple blenders running at the same time, so it's very incredible. I mean if you're in a small space, this is very crucial to be able to have a comfortable and normal conversation. So we've got our smoothies made, in two of the quietest blenders available today.

They both come in countertop and in-counter options so you can pick which one suits your needs the best. This one is the Vitamix, right out of the Advance Jar. And this one is the Blendtec, right out of WildSide Jar.

Both do a great job making smoothies. They're great for other options as well; milkshakes, salsas, whatever you want to do. And they're both incredibly quiet. So you have to pick one that seems to suit your needs the best. We like them both.

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Josh My name is Nickie D’Annunzio I am a big fan of both brands and manufacturers of the quiet blenders that you were using in the following video I am wondering if you have any catalogs or brochures on both of those brands and manufacturers of the quiet blenders that you were using in the following video Please let me know and send it to me in the mail to Nickie D’Annunzio 53 West Adair Drive Eagleville Pennsylvania 19403

Hi Mike, You may run into the same issue with the Quiet One in regards to home warranty as it is designed for commercial use. In our experience it has been honored but it is a potentially grey area. Personally, I like the Quiet One so if money wasn't the deciding factor and if I didn't care about the warranty then I would lean that way. I have a couple small kids at home and want the best chance of not interrupting nap times :). Full disclosure, I may be a bit biased on this particular question as I like Vitamix and am more comfortable using Vitamix units because I do have a vita prep at home (commercial version). I got a great deal on a return (buyers remorse, the unit worked fine) and I love it! Have had it for 7+ years now. It just only gets used when the kids are awake :). If you are interested in the Vitamix and are good with a open box or returned unit we do have some deals in our outlet currently that you can check out Hope that helps! Cheers! Josh

Very helpful and insightful. Knowing they aren't exactly cut out for the same contexts, which blender would you choose for home use, between The Quiet One and the Pro 800?

Hi Mike, The Blendtec Pro 800 is designed for home use only, and lacks the commercial features and certifications that the Stealth has. The biggest thing to note is the warranty and certifications for commercial use. The Blendtec Pro 800's warranty will be voided if used in a commercial setting, but if you are using it in a home it is actually longer than the warranty offered on the Stealth, which makes sense as the usage is substantially different. The other big difference is that the the Stealth conforms to NSF and UL standards for commercial use. If you try to use a home blender that is not in conformity with NSF and UL standards in a commercial setting you are inviting a lot of trouble with health inspectors and fire marshals. It would really stink to get shut down because a health inspector sees that the blender you are using is not certified / can't prove it lives up to those certifications. There are some other workflow differences too. The Pro is pre-programmed and limited to those programs while you can program the Stealth and share recipes through the usb interface. The biggest functional difference to note though is the capacitive touch slider that is on the Pro 800 but absent from the Stealth. Some people love the capacitive slider and others find it hard to work with (especially if you spill stuff on the control pad it can get finicky). The Stealth moved away from using a capacitive slider. While we don't have official word as to why, in our tests we found that it could be frustrating to use. All that being said, if you are buying for home use I would lean towards the Pro as it has a longer home warranty and a commercial warranty may or may not be voided if you use the Stealth in a home setting (it is not clear to us if it would be honored). If you are looking to buy for a commercial setting then you should definitely get the Stealth as you want a warranty that won't be voided by commercial use and because it carries the certifications necessary to operate in a commercial setting. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions. Cheers! Josh

Right on. Thanks for the reply! Followup Q: what if it was in comparison with the blendtec Pro 800?

Hi Mike, We are actually somewhat split as an office as some value certain features over others. Things like how the menu system functions, having the buttons on top instead of on the front of the unit, or getting two jars with the stealth over one with the Quiet One, etc are more important to some then to others. All that being said, the Quiet One sneaks out a win as we think it is just a hair quieter when trying to carry on a conversation. Hope that helps! Josh

Which one would you choose for yourself?

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