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Hi. My name is Gerry Kinsella from the Garland Group. Today I'm going to spend a little bit of time with you, talking about the design of burners in the ranges which is very critical to the range and how it operates, and how efficient, and how much energy it's going to use.

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Garland started out with the design, our typical star burner patented design. They made a two-piece burner which makes it easy to clean. They also developed the grate. It's a heavy grate; a split grate that's easy to lift, but very durable and can be dropped per the 88 ASTM test.

It also has a pilot cover on here to block spillage. More importantly, when they were designing the burner, they designed the top grate at the same time. If you'll notice, we have the shape of the burner in the grate. The reason for this is to maintain and optimize the efficiency in the burner. The top grate also has the heat management tabs to reduce heat into the rail. In our other ranges, we have different shaped burners.

But again, we've optimized the efficiency through the design of the grate. For instance, you'll notice the round top grate, round burner. This enables to optimize efficiency again. So when I put a pot on the grate, the heat is not going back down into the range. It's coming up into the bottom of the pot.

My name is Gerry Kinsella from the Garland Group. Thank you for watching today.

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