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Vitamix Drink Machine Advance commercial blender with a smoothie.


Hi, this is Chef David Ash and I'm here today to show you the Vitamix Drink Machine Advance. So what's in the box? Upon opening, you will have one of two options, either a red or available in black as well. Also comes with a 48-ounce, BPA-free Tritan container. This also gives us 50% more from previous models. Just like every Vitamix model, it comes with a replacement drive socket and also a use and care manual. One of the biggest changes to the new commercial models is going to be the illuminated on and off switch. Once the unit is switched to on position, an LED illuminated switch will project onto the table so you can visibly see the unit is ready for use.

Vitamix 62825 Drink Machine Advance Commercial Blender

New Advance design blade has enough torque to crush almost 48 oz. of cubed ice in three seconds.

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Once ready for use, the controls are very simple. You have six pre-programmed settings, so you can simply press start and walk away, giving you consistent results every time. There's also a pulse function if you want to control your blend manually. So we're going to make a strawberries and cream smoothie. And every time we're ready to make a smoothie, we're always going to make for sure that our pitcher is in place and secured to the base. You always want to start your build with the pitcher in place. Also remembering, the worst thing you can do to this unit while it's running is move this pitcher in place. That's where you see these beautiful sharp gears start to wear away. So always make for sure that once it's in place, leave it alone and begin your build.

So we're going to start with all of our liquids. Making for sure that our fruit is always frozen is very important. This replaces using ice. The reason why is as the product sits, you'll notice it starts to separate. Using a fruit in place will keep that product together and make for a much better looking smoothie. So we're going to go ahead and put our frozen fruit into our pitcher which is securely in place. We're going to use our preset for smoothies. And we're simply going to hit start and walk away. For those of you familiar with our BarBoss series, the Drink Machine Advance will be its replacement going forward. So in just about 30 seconds, there's your strawberries and cream. Thank you very much for watching.

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