Why the Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Maker is Taking Over the Kitchen

 I-Series by Manitowoc

A Personal Experience Concerning the Value of an Ice Machine

Working at a Quick Service Restaurant and then a Resort for several years helped me burn calories, appreciate the challenging life of a server, and rely greatly on our ice machines. From preparing cold containers for salads, wraps, and sandwich toppings to filling hundreds of water glasses at a wedding, we heavily depended on ice makers to crank out tons and tons of frozen cubes. And when we ran out, it was on. Chaos and near insanity rose to the surface if our ice supply was depleted. This is probably the only situation where you can see grown adults cry over spilled ice. From these somewhat dire circumstances my knowledge gained was that on our slow days we simply had too much ice (which was a waste), and on our busy days we did not always have enough (and the machines tried ‘catching up’ too quickly, rendering poor quality ice). Enter the Indigo Series Ice Cube Machine. I am really impressed with this product’s technological advancements which provide continual updates and the smarts to figure out optimal production levels for daily use. In this blog post, we’ll look at these features in-depth and explore the many options of an Indigo Series Ice Machine.

Indigo Series Ice Maker

Intelligent Diagnostics and Energy Management

It’s undeniable that the stand out feature to the Indigo Series is Manitowoc’s Intelligent Diagnostics. This system features around the clock monitoring of ice production and overnight operating levels. It immediately reports and records any known problems with your machine, making it incredibly easy to find a proper solution. These reports give you or your maintenance technician the instant knowledge to determine what needs to be repaired and how. In so doing, you have cut costs on servicing time while also minimizing the downtime of your ice machine. Think of it this way - let’s say one day your openers arrive late (of course, on the busiest day of the week). This inevitably throws everything askew and means everyone is running around trying to prepare for the day while serving the first customers. This is exactly the time you will always forget about those lower priorities like an ice machine and it is precisely for this reason your Indigo Series machine was designed. As you have been frantically scurrying around, it has been calmly cranking out a few hundred pounds of ice because you pre-programmed it to start early in the morning. By early afternoon you notice that it’s hotter than usual and you’re actually getting busier. The problem is that your machine just gave you a notification that it needs servicing. Thankfully, it’s not much of problem after all, seeing that the Indigo is equipped with a Safe Mode which keeps your machine running until a service technician arrives. After experiencing two potential setbacks, by mid-afternoon your machine is back and running in optimal condition!

Alpha San Technology

Active Cleaning and Even More Advanced Technology

We really enjoy the Indigo Series for its ease of use and simple design, as this machine requires no tools to remove the parts necessary for you to begin cleaning. You simply begin the automatic cleaning cycle, clean the machine manually as needed, and once the cycle timer reaches zero it will go back to producing ice without you doing a thing. Another unique feature in the Indigo Series line is the use of Alpha San. Alpha San is a microbial technology that is molded into key plastic components that consistently receive the most exposure to bacteria. Alpha San contains highly durable metals which are resistant to the spread of bacteria such as silver. These tiny metals, when infused into the machine itself, block the growth of bacteria in the most important places in your ice machine, keeping it cleaner, longer. Add this to the fact that all Indigo Series machines have rounded corners and smooth edges - making cleaning a cinch - and you’ll see why these machines are so well liked. Manitowoc’s Patented Air-Assist Harvest Technology is, practically speaking, a big money saver. It does this by moving air in between the ice sheet and the evaporator. This speeds up the ice forming cycle by forcing any warm air away from the ice sheet with cool air. In turn, this reduces energy use, as your machine doesn’t need to take as long to freeze ice, which puts money back in your pocket. The Indigo Series also has highly advanced ice and water sensors that measure the thickness of ice for consistent cubes every time and helps cut unnecessary consumption of water by up to 20%.

Manitowoc Ice

Wrapping Up

Thinking back on old restaurant meetings causes me to cringe a little. One of the biggest topics was the issue of waste and cutting costs. While obviously a crucial point of discussion, what was most difficult about it is looking back and seeing that many of our biggest deterrents to cost effectiveness were the machines themselves, not necessarily the people running them. Manitowoc has provided a solution for restaurants, companies, stores, coffee shops and others to reduce costs and avoid waste by creating the Indigo Series Ice Machine. Check out our full line of Indigo Series Ice Makers today by clicking the link below, and make sure you check out this I-Series video!

Check out our Indigo Series page to see all of our models.

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