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Welcome to the kick-off of our new series: A Side of Sugar. Among our employees at Prima Supply, we discovered we have some talented bakers in our midst. And rather than hording their recipes to ourselves, we've decided to share them with the world. As often as possible we'll update our blog with the how-to on these marvelous sweets. So enjoy our inaugural write-up: Peanut Butter-Stuffed Chocolate Brownies.

Confession: we, here at Prima Supply, are sugar fiends. On top of Donut Friday (which happens every third week of the month), we also use special occasions as an excuse to eat more of the stuff. Whenever a staff member has a reason to celebrate, they get to pick their homemade dessert of choice. Our most recent request from one of our co-workers was for peanut butter-stuffed brownies, and since we’re such big fans of these brownies, we’d thought we’d share the love.

This recipe is known for its incredibly gooey, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Here, a coffee-enhanced dark chocolate brownie is brought to the next level by adding a fudgy peanut butter filling.

Altogether, it takes about 15 minutes to prep and about 35-38 minutes to bake, so you can make this recipe in under an hour. I use a brownie mix here with a touch of instant coffee to deepen the chocolate flavor. The Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate mix isn’t just a convenient shortcut; I honestly think it surpasses made-from-scratch dark chocolate brownie recipes and is much deeper in flavor than the other box mixes. This recipe fits into a 9x9 pan.

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