Recipe | Take a Guac on the Wild Side

Take a Guac on the Wild Side

This Super Bowl Sunday, take your snacks to another level with a refreshing guacamole recipe that keeps you and your guests coming back for more. Born in Southern California and spending most of my adult life in the Phoenix desert, traditional Mexican food was never in short supply. For me, the whole experience of sitting down in a restaurant or cafe, and immediately smelling the fresh hot baskets of tortilla chips dropping on the tables around is nostalgic. The waiter asks if he can get chips and salsa started, but all I can think about is guacamole. Even when I consider what entree I’ll order, if it is served with guacamole, it’s already at the top of the list.

Ancap porcelain bowls

There are many different ways to make guacamole, but for me, the best is when it is chunky with the right amount of acidity and sweetness. This became solidified for me when I visited Gallo Blanco, owned by Chef Doug Robson in Phoenix, AZ. The guacamole was made with fresh local ingredients, but the real gem was when I discovered little bits of oranges. It changed my world. This recipe falls short of any comparison, but it has been my attempt to recreate that wonderful experience.Give this recipe a shot and be the highlight of the day!

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