8 Unique Ways to Save Time, Money, and Space with Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel Blog Post

What does every restaurant owner desperately need more of? Time, money, and space, of course! Here is a brief list of ways you can increase productivity, save a little more room, and keep more of the money that you work hard to earn. If you have some unique uses for stainless steel tables, then please comment below and let us know about it. Here are some various ideas, we hope you’ll like them and find a couple of them useful!

Save Space!

Stainless Steel Blog Post

Hanging Storage:

Pots, pans, or utensils can be hung up underneath tables to save extra space.


Add some casters on to your table for a movable cart to use in your store for easily transferring stocking supplies, as a concessions stand, or even a portable bar!

Save Time!

Staging Area:

When a delivery comes in one of the most difficult tasks is finding a place right away for supplies to be stored. A table could be used for incoming supplies to the kitchen before they are organized and put away.

Server Station:

Keep pitchers, napkins, condiments, or utensils on standby for easy access for your servers, thereby saving valuable time.

Save Money!


Reusing older stainless steel tables in your break room is a great way to be a sustainable restaurant, save money, and have an easy cleanup for your employees.

Serving Table:

Say you have a black tie event and you need something a bit fancier than a waiter’s stand. Having several, sturdy tables with nice tablecloths around will make your event go smoothly and look that much better.

Dining Tables:

If you already have a modern industrial feel in your restaurant, make it complete by adding stainless steel tables to your dining room.

Bonus Tip!

Ping-Pong Table:

This can help keep morale up during a “one of those days” kind of day. While we won’t place our personal endorsement on this idea, one must admit that it at least sounds fun.

What are some other uses you have found for your tables? Comment below and join the conversation!

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