Savvy Shopper? 3 Reasons Why Arctic Air Should Be On Your Radar

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So, you know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, it seems as though Arctic Air has broken the learning curve by picking up a few new tricks in 2012. They released a revamped economy line of commercial refrigerators and freezers, which switched from a white metal exterior to stainless steel, plastic fans to metal, and cumbersome location for a condenser to a conveniently located one. In fact, in many ways they have followed the Domino's way of thinking by making their older models appear very lacking. We actually stopped carrying Arctic Air for a time, as their budget level equipment wasn’t so budget friendly with all the repairs. However, all these renewed features deserve some attention, so we will be considering the design, the performance, and the value of Arctic Air’s vastly upgraded products.

Picture of Arctic Air's new stainless steel line of commercial refrigerators and freezers.

Consider the Design

Arctic Air decisively ditched the white exterior for modern stainless. Stainless steel is simply longer lasting and easier to clean. And, thankfully, this new line has recessed grip handles which making opening doors easier. Their casters take minutes to set up with only one tool, whereas before you basically needed the entire team from the New Yankee Workshop for assembly. It's now simple for you to repair your condenser, as it sits on a slide out shelf. And, it’s located in the front, making repairs quick which means you do less replacing. Arctic Air made the right move to clean up and clear out old features and bring solid changes in this economy line.

Consider the Performance

Some of the best perks on these newly redesigned products are found in the equipment’s performance. Arctic Air’s old fridges had compressor motors with ¼ hp and only 922 BTU, whereas they now have a ⅜ hp motor at 3200 BTU. These new motors have dramatically improved cooling recovery times (the time it takes for machine to return to the original cool temp after the door has opened) over slower times which characterized their past machines. For superior performance at a budget level price, Arctic Air is a great place to start.

Picture of Design, Performance, and Value

Consider the Value

The old way of Arctic Air was to provide fairly limited support, whereas now they have help available 24/7 for you, in case of an early morning, late evening, or weekend breakdown. The main consideration you should make here though is the price tag. No other brand can beat Arctic Air’s price, and no one else can beat the price we offer on Arctic Air commercial refrigeration and freezers. So, consider all these updated features, and think about the amazing value you receive for the price. Another way you know you are getting your money’s worth is Arctic Air’s stringent inspection process. Each product is tested to NSF Standard 7 levels throughout manufacturing stages. Plus, each unit is monitored for a minimum of thirteen hours before shipping.


The new design, increased performance, and extraordinary value prove Arctic Air's cost effectiveness, showing why their products make sense for your restaurant, bar, coffee shop or hotel. With easily located parts and other time saving features, you’ll have less replacing to do down the road and more money to save. Arctic Air has made a welcome comeback to the economy level while meeting, and at times exceeding, industry standards. Check out our full line of Arctic Air’s New Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers.

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