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Hey, Daniel here with Prima Supply. We're going to look at two Turbo Air refrigeration units. One is the Super Deluxe and the other is the M3 series. There are two main differences with these units that I want to talk about. So first of all, both have temperature control panels, but the Super Deluxe has a turbo cooling button that you can use when you're stocking your refrigerator or you're cleaning it out and you leave the door open. Once you get the door closed, you hit the turbo cooling button and then that's going to drop down your temperature very quickly and it just continually runs the compressor until you're at a food safe level.

Turbo Air Refrigeration Units

Explore the unique features that set the M3 series and Super Deluxe model refrigerators apart!

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The M3 doesn't have this, but both of them have the electrical display where you can adjust the temperature and view the temperature from the outside. The other notable difference is the inside of each of the units. So the M3 has epoxy-coated shelves and it's actually 24 cubic feet. The Super Deluxe has all-stainless steel shelves and all-stainless steel front, back, sides, everything in between, and it's 23 cubic feet. So there are pluses and minuses to both. On the whole the Super Deluxe is a little bit nicer of a unit, but obviously that's going to change the price a bit. We like both and recommend both and hope you find the one that you're looking for. Thanks for watching.

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