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In this video, we're going to demonstrate how easy it is to clean the Vulcan VTEC Charbroiler. The VTEC Charbroiler features patented IRX technology and is a true infrared platform that brings productivity, energy savings, and ease of operations to any kitchen. VTEC cooking grates are constructed from 304 stainless steel. In order to maintain consistent brand marks and easy release of product from the stainless grates, we recommend seasoning the top surface of the cooking grid with a light coat of oil. Seasoning the grates will also help prevent rust. Cleaning the VTEC is very easy. At the end of service, rake the grill thoroughly. Allow the unit to run on max for ten minutes, and then turn off all sections. Wipe the stainless cooking grates and allow the unit to cool completely. Remove the stainless cooking grates and set aside.

Vulcan VTEC Infrared Gas Charbroilers

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Use a two to three-inch scraper or putty knife to loosen any large, carbonized debris on the emitter panel. The debris will flake off easily and should be brushed off the emitter panel and into the full-width crumb tray. There is no reason to remove the emitter panels from the unit during your daily cleaning. Cleaning the emitter panels is a dry process and done while in place. After cleaning the emitter panels, return cooking grates to the unit. Once you learn the lifespan of the emitter panel in your specific operation, you can add replacement to a maintenance schedule. Hours of operation and food product are factors in an emitter panel's lifespan. Finally, be sure to empty and wipe out the crumb tray. For more information on operating and cleaning your VTEC Charbroiler, refer to the operation manual on the Vulcan website.

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