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Bunn Ultra 2 Frozen Beverage Machine


Hi, I'm Jess, here at Prima Supply and today we're gonna talk about the initial setup of your Bunn Ultra 2 Slushy Machine. Now we're gonna get you from the two boxes that it comes in, to drinking a slushy. So to start off you're gonna wanna take it all out of the box and make sure it's all there. And you're gonna wanna rinse your components. So that's your hopper and your auger and all these component pieces. Now once you do that and you clean off your machine... so you're taking off all the signs and the supports that come with the shipping material.

Bunn Ultra-2 HP Frozen Beverage Machine

Refrigeration system internally monitored to ensure long lasting performance.

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Once you get all that taken care of, you're gonna be ready to set up. Now if you have an auto-fill unit, this is a manual fill, you're gonna have an additional step that we're not gonna cover here but it's in your owner's manual and all it requires is a simple screwdriver for setup. Now once you're ready to go, we're gonna start with the seal. Goes on the back. Make sure you get it connected all the way around. So it's very important. Once you get that all pressed against the back, you're ready to put on your auger. Auger fits on just like that. Goes almost to the back, not quite, a little space between the auger and the cooling drum. Then you're ready for your hopper. Now you just line it up and slide it on and once you get to about right here you're gonna apply some pressure to help it get lined up and slipped down into place.

Once it does, you'll hear a little click and that button will come out letting you know it's all lined up. Next you're gonna grab your valve. This slides right on the front. You're gonna push it down slightly. Gonna put on the handle. We're gonna put this side first. Apply some pressure. Slip it on the other side. Ready to go. Next we're gonna put on our lid. Sits right on top. You can tell when it's all nice and snug. Now plug in the light to the back. Now we're gonna grab the drip tray with the cover. Slide it on. There are magnets on the back of this, you'll hear it click. It's good to go. Now after this, all you have to do is add your slushy mix, hit on and the cooling and the auger will start automatically. You should have a slushy in two hours. So thanks for watching and I hope this video was helpful. We have more resources on our site like the operations manual and other helpful videos. So check them out.

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