Product Maintenance | How To Change Your Vitamix Centering Pad And Isolation Gasket

Picture of a Vitamix Quiet One blender's gasket.


Hey, this is Daniel with Prima Supply here to show you how to change your centering pad, and then also, if you have a Vitamix Quiet One, how to change the isolation gasket. So, first off, we just need to take off the sound enclosure, which is really simple. Pull it from the back. It comes off pretty quickly, easily. And this is the centering pad, and all you do to change it out is just pull it back. You're not going to hurt it; it'll be fine, especially if you're replacing it.

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Grab your new one, and then you'll just toss it right back on. And then, you can also, if you have a Quiet One, just remove the gasket. It's really simple. It's a magnetic gasket. And then, as you can see, hand wash only, just wash it off. Let's say that we already did that, and toss it back on. Just make sure you line it up with the machine, and it's simple enough. Then we'll just make sure that we did that generally right. And that works, looks good. Great. Thanks for watching.

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