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Hi, I'm Jess here at Prima Supply. Today we're going to talk about your Bunn Ultra 2 Slushy Machine. Now, this particular model is the stainless steel white manual fill addition. There are two additional colors that are available as well as an autofill model. So, check those out on our website,, pretty cool. Now, as far as the components of this, we have a base unit which has your commands and your cooling drums. Then you have your hoppers that have an auger, a seal, your valves, and your handle. All pretty straight forward. You also have your lid which lights up once you turn it on. Looks really cool. Now, as far as the commands, what you see here on the board? Really simple to use. Press on, everything lights up, it starts cooling and the auger starts going. All of that with just pressing on. Now, your augers are controlled here. If you need to turn them off or on. Simple two touch, same for the right side. You have your cooling button here so you have off, ice, or chill. Chill is mainly used at night to cool it only to 35 degrees so that you're saving energy during a time when people aren't buying slushies.

Bunn Ultra-2 HP Frozen Beverage Machine

Refrigeration system internally monitored to ensure long lasting performance.

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Then, you have three buttons here that you might not necessarily notice. They're technically hidden programming buttons. Now, this gourmet button in the middle, when you hold it down for five seconds will display the menu index. From here you can access the cleaning guide, which will walk you through step by step how to clean the machine, you can set the thickness, which is just a range from least to greatest. It come default set at ten. You have, so you do that for the left and right side. You can test the augers from here, which if you hit yes it'll just go through a testing process to make sure that things are working correctly. You can set the date and time. You can set a password. Now, this restricts what people can access immediately from this board. It will let them do the cleaning guide, it will let them change the date and time, it will let them test the augers, and it'll let them do one other thing but that restricts who can access what on here so you don't have people changing it to French that doesn't need to be on here. You can also change the language, set the night time settings, set the daytime setting and what that does is it tells your unit at 10:30 at night no one's here. Go to chill mode and save me energy. But then at 5:00 I want it to start cooling down again so I have slushy ready to go when I come into work. Really cool feature.

You can set the defrost settings that you want and the freeze setting that you want. You can set a preventative maintenance reminder, that's what this does. It will pop up and show you when you need to do some of the preventative measures that Bunn talks about in the operation manual. Then you have your six month preventative maintenance, you can turn that off and on from here. Which is basically the same thing but it's manually set to six months. You can set a when to clean it next, which is very helpful. So, you can set it for two days, you can set it for a week, you can set it for up to 14 days to remind you or your employees that it's time to clean it and you can set up whether or not the machine won't let you make slushies anymore until it's clean. Or just a friendly reminder, okay, it's time to go. This, you can adjust the thickness of your slushy. This adjusts the accessibility of the buttons. So, if it's on this mode then you can just press the buttons and it happens immediately. If you switch it to lock out, there's a three second delay when you try to operate the switches. That might be a good idea if you think you have some kiddos running around that want to press things they shouldn't. This allows you to add an ad message if you want, that will display on the board, and if you enable that then you can set up what you want it to say. Currently ours says Prima Supply.

This is to modify the message that you already have set up, if you have one set. Now, this is a helpful feature if you want to set up your asset numbers. So, if you have three Bunn Ultra slushy machines in your store and you want to make sure you know them apart, you can set this one as one, the next one as two, etc. , etc. Pretty helpful feature to keep track of your machines and where they're at and what's going on with them. This is, again, to set your password so that people that you don't want to access it can't access it. This is to restore your default settings so if someone gets in here and changes things that you don't like you come here, restore the default, and everything will go back to the way it was when you first opened the box. Here just shows you the initial set up date. So, this is when you took it out of the box and you plugged it in and it was good to go. Now it's back to the home screen. Now, there's an additional screen that you can open up and that is done by pressing Ultra and Ice at the same time. You hold them down and a screen will pop up to display the temperature and the torque. This tells you how your machine is operating right now. Most of the time this is only used for servicing problems but it is one of the features and you can check out what's going on with the machine just by hitting Ultra and Ice at the same time. Thanks for watching and I hope this was a helpful overview of your Bunn Ultra 2 Machine and all the things that it can do. Check us out online.

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