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Hey. I'm Daniel with Prima Supply, and I want to talk to you about how to know when to change your blade assembly from Vitamix, when using a Vitamix container. So first off, just check for really obvious signs of wear and tear on the bottom of the blade assembly, underneath the container. Make sure that the teeth are still like when you first got your container. If there's any dings or scratches, or if they're worn down, it's probably time to change your blade. Other things that you can check are inside to see if there are any dings or dents on the blade itself. If your blender is having a hard time blending basic ingredients, that's probably a good time to change your blade.

Vitamix Containers

Vitamix containers are made of Tritan copolyester, which is scratch, shatter, and chemical resistant.

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Other indicators would be the way that it spins. If it's not too tight and not too loose, then... Like this blade is good. It's fine right now. But if your blade was spinning freely, then that's a problem. Or if it's making kind of a grinding sound when you have it on your machine, or like you're turning it right now, then that's another indication. So we actually have some blades to demonstrate that. It's like this blade right here, I'm going to use a cloth. Don't touch the blade with your hands, just a warning, because they are sharp. But this blade has completely seized up. So it's pretty obvious. This blade, when you turn it, there's a little bit of grinding happening. You can't really hear it. But if you had it on your machine, you'd be able to tell. And then this blade is fine. It doesn't spin completely freely like a pinwheel. It's pretty set and it's a good blade. So that's how to know when you should change your blade assembly. Thanks so much for watching.

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