Product Maintenance | When To Change Your Vitamix Drive Socket

Picture of a Vitamix drive socket


Hey, I'm Daniel with Prima Supply, and I'm going to talk to you about how to know when you need to change your drive socket from Vitamix. So, here are some examples of good drive sockets and bad drive sockets. And these house, in your Vitamix container, when you put your Vitamix container on the motor base. This is an example of a good drive socket. All the teeth are well-formed, and it just looks generally newer. As I showed you just a moment ago, it sits well in here and blends everything well, no obvious problems.

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This is a worn out drive socket. You can kind of see that the teeth are worn, like, mainly at the top here, and it's going to house in the container, but just not as well. This is another one. The teeth are actually better than the one I just showed you, but the side is just busted. So it is not going to work well, looks like a lot of damage was done to this socket, actually. And then, same with these. They're just worn down. That one, the side is busted. These are just pretty obvious physical indicators that your drive socket needs to be replaced. Thanks for watching.

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