Video Overview | Garland G-Series Range


Hi. My name is Gerry Consola. I'm with the Garland Group and today I'm going to talk about our new G series gas restaurant range. This range was designed from the ground up a few years back and won a kitchen innovation award, and today I'm going to talk about some of the features and benefits that won that award. So without further adieu I'll carry on with this.

Garland 36 inch Burner Restaurant Range picture

Garland G36-6R - 36" 6 Burner Restaurant Range

Includes large, easy-to-use-knobs, a gas regulator, a snap action oven thermostat, and a keep-cool oven door handle.

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This here is the top grate and as you can see light to lift. It's got these heat management tabs on the front which will reduce the temperature on your front rail. Two piece burner which was a big part of the kitchen innovation award, two piece designed for optimized gas energy efficiency, very important in an open burner because they're on most of the day. Some of the other benefits on the top grate are the dog house here that covers off the pilot. This will prevent overflows from blocking up your pilot.

Garland 60 inch Gas Range picture

Garland G60-6R24RR - 60" Raised Griddle/Broiler Gas Range

Includes 2 ovens, (6) 33,000 BTU burners, a 24 inch raised griddle, along with a broiler.

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And another feature is the depth of the cooking surface. Recently the chefs have gone more to a deeper cooking surface. This is a 27 inch versus your standard 24 inch. The benefit of redesigning the range at the time was we could center the burners across the 27 inches of depth which means you can put six full pots on this range. Some of the competitors, what they did was they went ahead with the 27 inches but they added three inches to the grate at the back which means the back pot will not sit on the center of the burner.

Just moving down, nice ergonomic finished stainless steel rail. The controls, very easy to touch and easy to know where they are. I can turn them on and off and I can know without even looking at them, which most chefs will do. They're made with of a phenolic material which is cool to touch.

Another feature and benefit is these are removable home trays. Typically on most ranges you'll see today there's a tray right across the front which is very difficult to remove, so with these take it out with one hand, take it to the sink, clean it off, go back, simply sling back in. It makes the operation a lot safer. We've got a cool to touch handle. We've got thermobreaks here and then more thermobreaks here which makes this handle very cool to touch but often what you'll see in the kitchen on a range is a rag hook... tied on here so they can use it because this handle gets too hot. This will not happen with this handle.

Moving down to the oven we got a fully porcelainized interior including the top. If you look at a lot of ranges shows today, let's say they have fully porcelainized oven, take a look at the top because quite often there's a little nice piece in the top. Easy to move racks, also side rack supports. What this does is it makes it very easy to clean.

During the design of the range, advice of the customer, a lot of the items that come up were it's easy to clean, durability. Well, this is one of the easy to clean features. Fully porcelainized and the bottom is flushed, it's ribbed so you can slide a vessel in and out onto the bottom of the oven. Very heavy duty door which will take up to 450 pound. The reason for that is because cleaners do step on them at night to clean the hood. Spring loaded system which is easy to adjust if the door should come loose and operate. I can simply go in and tighten it and it's back closing again.

They come in 24, 36, 48 and 60 inch with multiple top configurations, hot tops, griddles, and open tops. Just a recap again on some of the features and benefits, 27 inch depth, it takes six full sized pots, three in the front, three in the back, cool to touch controls, cool to touch handle, and fully porcelainized oven. My name is Gerry Consola from the Garland Group and I thank you for listening and watching today.