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Garland G Series Range


Hi. My name is Gerry Consola. I'm with the Garland Group and today I'm going to talk about our new G series gas restaurant range. This range was designed from the ground up a few years back and won a kitchen innovation award, and today I'm going to talk about some of the features and benefits that won that award. So without further adieu I'll carry on with this.

Garland G36-6R - 36" 6 Burner Restaurant Range

Includes large, easy-to-use-knobs, a gas regulator, a snap action oven thermostat, and a keep-cool oven door handle.

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This here is the top grate and as you can see light to lift. It's got these heat management tabs on the front which will reduce the temperature on your front rail. Two piece burner which was a big part of the kitchen innovation award, two piece designed for optimized gas energy efficiency, very important in an open burner because they're on most of the day. Some of the other benefits on the top grate are the dog house here that covers off the pilot. This will prevent overflows from blocking up your pilot.

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