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The Quiet One

Chefs, bartenders, mixologists and baristas - welcome to the premier luxury commercial blender and the new standard in blending. Vitamix has thrived for many years as a leading expert in the food-service industry. Their newest invention - The Quiet One - takes into account all the best attributes from Vitamix blenders and fuses innovative technology with these features, creating an almost unbelievably quiet, consistent blend.

In this post we’ll cover the most important characteristics of The Quiet One, a brief section on the inner workings of this prestigious device, and the advantages of investing in one for a restaurant, shop, or even personal enjoyment.

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Vitamix - The Quiet One Blender

Create up to 34 programs for consistent blends.

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Loud Features | Quiet Blending

Clearly, noise reduction was the reason Vitamix invented this remarkable machine. The Quiet One is dramatically quieter in tone and volume with smoothies, milkshakes, or salad dressings.

OnSpex Consumer Product Evaluation, which is an independent third party evaluating company, found that after testing The Quiet One it outperformed other blenders each time in the area of sound reduction. On average it was half as loud in volume and with some recipes four times quieter than main competitors. The difference here is that The Quiet One typically operates at normal television or radio audio levels as compared to other blenders that usually sound as loud as sitting near an expressway.

On The Quiet One’s best blends, it sounded a bit louder than regular conversational level, whereas when the competition blended the same mixture (like a milkshake and other demanding recipes), they came out barely quieter than a power mower.

The Quiet One excelled beyond the competition in the categories of noise reduction, consistency and ease of use, making it a premiere blender that sets the standard in the food industry.

The Quiet One

Vitamix offers no pointless bells or whistles to draw a potential buyer in to making a purchase. Its design is sleek and sophisticated, but more importantly it gets the job done in near silence.

Other main features include what everyone has come to expect from Vitamix - consistency and ease of use. The Quiet One includes more than 30 pre-programmed recipes and the ability to make custom ones, meaning you can make smoothies, frozen coffees, and salad dressings all on the same machine. Serving refined palates demands consistency, consistency upheld by a Vitamix.

It still takes under one minute to clean the Advance Container (the double sealed bearing increases the blade’s longevity and decreases its need to be removed to be cleaned), which is perfect for a busy establishment.

The Quiet One’s patented seal on the noise reducing cover allows for simple, quick cleaning. No screws, bolts or hinges are used for attaching the cover to the base of the machine, as it is sealed with high powered magnets.

Also, the Advance Container has a drip-less spout that actually works. Liquids can be poured slowly and stopped abruptly without spilling everywhere, making every pour more cost efficient and time saving. Better containers mean less re-dos and less mess, resulting in increased productivity.

Features of this caliber cannot be found anywhere else except from this luxury blender. Compared with other blenders that can be disruptive or annoying to a guest’s experience, think of The Quiet One as temporary background noise.

Touchstone Engineering

The Quiet One

How does The Quiet One achieve these results? Vitamix calls it “floating technology.” It reduces the vibrations that cause excessive noise when normal appliances are blending. Based on the specs that Vitamix offers, this floating technology seems to be a compilation of finely crafted and tuned electromagnetic Sorbothane components which keep the motor, base and cover “floating.”

In rudimentary terms, The Quiet One is quiet because of very powerful, unique magnets and rubber. These magnets function to securely fasten the sound proofing cover, further reducing the noise of this sophisticated machine.

The precision seal is created from magnetized Sorbothane rubber, reflecting similar craftsmanship found in noise reducing technology from the likes of Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Sorbothane absorbs vibration that other blenders cannot.

As a blender is running, a great deal of noise comes from motor vibrations. The Quiet One’s motor is surrounded by intricately designed gaskets which prevent vibrations from reaching the rest of the blender. The motor then “floats” on these gaskets, while the magnetized seal reduces vibration and noise from the high powered rotation of the blade.

Because of Sorbothane’s unique ability to isolate, dampen and absorb vibrations combined with the gaskets causing the motor to float, The Quiet One can cater to the serene atmosphere of any venue.

Investment Advantages

The Quiet One

The Quiet One is a pristine blender that stands out as the first of its kind and excels in quieter establishments, such as hotel lobbies or even hospitals. As with other Vitamix blenders, the initial investment speaks to the quality engineering of the product. And, chefs and store owners want a product that lasts, which is why The Quiet One is backed by a three year warranty.

The Quiet One received first place at Coffee Fest 2010, won awards from Star Chefs Contest and Kitchen Innovations 2011, and was a National Restaurant Association winner. The bottom line is that if you are any type of front-of-house store, such as a coffee shop, smoothie store, or bar, you should seriously consider investing in a machine that uses similar sound proofing and sealing technology found in a Lexus or Mercedes-Benz.

If you only need a blender for back-of-house use, consider some of Vitamix's other amazing blenders, such as the Vita Prep 3 Drink Blender. To hear The Quiet One for yourself, click on the Listening Experience below.

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We hope you found this post beneficial and informative. Do you have The Quiet One? Let us know your thoughts about it below. Thinking of investing in a quiet blender? Ask us any questions that you might have and we will get back with you shortly!

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