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Atlantic Metalworks Grease Trap Interceptor


Hi, this is Dami from Prima Supply. I'm here to talk to you about why we need grease traps and how grease traps work. So, starting with the first question, why do we need grease traps? Well, we need grease traps because the EPA has noted that grease from restaurants, homes, and other industrial sources are the primary cause of sewer line blockages. And these sewer line blockages ultimately lead to sewer line overflows which can cause property damage and, even worse, contamination to local water bodies. So what you need is a device that is able to reduce the amount of grease that works its way from your compartment sinks into the sewer lines.

Atlantic Metalworks Grease Trap Interceptors

Atlantic Metlaworks Grease Trap Interceptors are available in 8 sizes, ranging from 8 lbs. to 100 lbs.

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Well, enter the AMW grease traps. This grease traps have been designed to meet this specific need. Our grease traps have been designed with four particular components that help with reducing agitation, and not just that, they also help with increasing the amount of time that the fats, oils, and greases in your wastewater have to separate. In the next video, we'll go into much more detail about the four component parts that help with, again, reducing agitation and increasing the time of separation. But for now, all you need to know is that our AMW grease traps are exactly what you need for your kitchen. Thank you for listening.

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