Video Overview | Bunn MCR Coffee Brewer

Video Overview | Bunn MCR Coffee Brewer

Sep 28th 2017 Written by meredithlangley

The Bunn MCR single serve cartridge pourover brewer is the quickest, simplest way to ensure that your customers have tasty coffee in a moment's notice. With its small footprint and easy to use buttons, this brewer is ideal for any waiting room, break room, lounge, lobby, or anywhere you want coffee without the mess. To learn more about the Bunn MCR, watch along as Dan takes us through the straightforward process of using this handy brewer.



Hey, this is Dan from Prima Supply. Today we're looking at the Bunn My Cafe MCR Single Cup Coffee Brewer. It is their K-Cup coffee brewer, and it's a pretty small footprint. Up top, you have a 90- ounce water tank, which is about twice as big as the Keurig office brewers. And if you need more water than that, you can just refill it. The top comes off really easy. This is dishwasher safe. Or they have a model that you can plumb in, so you just have water coming all the time.

Bunn MCR Single Serve Cartridge Pourover Brewer

The Bunn MCR can dispense either 6oz or 8oz cups, but is also adjustable to dispense as little as 4oz and up to 16oz.

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And if you look up front, it's a really simple interface. You have a light and two buttons. You can do a large coffee or a small coffee, and the green light tells you it's ready to brew. If you program those wrongly, and it overflows, it's really easy to clean. You just take off the bottom. You can clean out the drip tray, and you can program those buttons from 4 ounces up to 16 ounces. So to make coffee, just grab your K-Cup, toss it in the top here. Close it with a little bit of force, not too much, though. And just grab your coffee cup and push the button. We have the large cup here, so we pushed large. The LEDs start flashing, so it tells you that it's brewing, and also, it's kind of like a party whenever you make your coffee.

And it starts to go to work. It's a really fast brew because there's a hot water tank in the back that always keeps the water hot. That way it doesn't have to heat up before brewing each time. You can do about 60 cups in an hour, 6-ounce cups of coffee. It's a pretty simple operation. It brews at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. When I measured the temperature of the coffee once it was done, it was at 190, which makes sense after it hits the cold cup and through the cold coffee, things like that. Overall, I really like the simplicity of this machine.

There's just the two buttons to figure out, and it's really quite difficult to mess up. It's quick, it's easy, it's small. And it's a great option for waiting rooms, for lounges, break rooms, car dealerships, bank, really anywhere you want people to be able to make coffee quickly and easily without a lot of mess. Coffee's about done there. Like I said, pretty quick. And the green light's on, saying we're ready to go for our next cup. So once again, this is the Bunn My Cafe MCR. It's available at Prima Supply. Thanks so much for watching.

Sep 28th 2017 meredithlangley

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