Video Overview | Chunky Tomato Salsa With The Vitamix XL Commercial Blender

Video Overview | Chunky Tomato Salsa With The Vitamix XL Commercial Blender

Feb 15th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

Blending large batches is a snap with the Vitamix XL Commercial Blender. In this video, the chef demonstrates the unique capability and capacity of the XL, as he uses it to create a perfectly textured chunky tomato salsa. Curious to see what the Vitamix XL could add to your kitchen? Watch along to see this tasty salsa move swiftly from individual ingredients to a table-ready dish.



Let's talk about large batch blending in the Vitamix XL. With this, we're going to start with a chunky tomato salsa. Already, I have a tin can of plum tomatoes with juice in there. We're going to add jalapenos with seeds to make it a little bit spicier. We have some salt. We have our limes, our onions, and we cut them in half just to help with the chopping process. And then we have a whole bunch of cilantro. And what I want to do is just basically start this blend with it on a lower speed to create that texture that I want.

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As I bring this off, I go back to my tin can. And as you can see, I have some texture right now. So I'm just going to plop in the extra. So now I have that full container, 192 ounces. Now I'm going to go on an eight. This is going to pull it in really quickly. So this is going to be about three or four pulses that I do. There we have it, our chunky tomato salsa.

Feb 15th 2018 meredithlangley

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