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Cleveland Convotherm Combi Oven Steamer


Chef David Ash here with the Zink Food Service Group, talking to you today about our complete line of Combis, featuring our Convotherm by Cleveland. The same company that brings you the worldwide leading in steam equipment, kettles, and skillets.

Gas Version - Convotherm C4eT6.20GS Convotherm Combi Oven Steamer with easyTouch

Cleveland's combi oven decreases food shrinkage, cook time, and energy cost.

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Our Combi line here we have a total of 26 different models. We have the two minis, which you can click on to our other video link if you'd like to see our mini Combis as well, but we also have six standard size models. Of those six standard size models you can get those in four different configurations.

You can get them in gas or electric, but you can also get them both generator and generator-free. So if you want to use the generator and make the steam right away or if you'd like to go with a less maintenance approach without a generator we have all different models and capabilities that you can put together so that it's optimal for your use.

Electric Version - Convotherm C4eT6.20ES Convotherm Combi Oven Steamer with easyTouch

Cleveland's combi oven decreases food shrinkage, cook time, and energy cost.

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What we have here today is, this is our new generator-free Combi. But the unique part about this one is, first of all, take a look at the disappearing door which is standard on all our standard size models. If you look inside, you can see a little stainless steel box. What that is, is that is our new smoking Combi. We have the ability to put smoke into our Combi units. So this gives you some great ideas for some foods, you can do ribs, you can do all different kinds of turkeys, full chickens, and really expand your menu and add a lot of flavor to just some regular cuts of meat.

We can also equip our easyToUCH control panel and our standard models as well. This is our standard controller, but it can very easily be equipped from the factory, or you can also get yours changed out at anytime with the easyToUCH controls. If you look on the inside, just like you saw if you saw the mini as well there's our cleaning system.

Again, two chemicals, ConvoClean and ConvoCare, Those two chemicals are used and pumped into the cavity and once you receive the unit and you plug it in, for about one month, you will not have to touch any chemicals. It's automatically pumped into the cavity. It rinses, and then it goes down the drain on the inside.

So again, just covering some of the basics with our Combis. We have 26 different models, which is a larger selection than anybody else out there right now. We also have a full line of generator, generator-free. We have our smoking Combis available. We also have the new minis, which can be stacked as well. Again, there's another video if you'd like to look at specifically into the minis, same size as a three-pan or a five-pan steamer and just a little bit more on the price point but you get the full versatility of a Combi oven.

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