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Hi. This is Chef David Ash, with the Zinc Food Service Group, and we're here today to talk to you today a little bit about our mini combi, by Convotherm in Cleveland.

Cleveland OES6.10Mini - Electric Combi Oven Steamer

Vegetables, desserts, pizzas, steaks, fish, and even bread can be produced in Cleveland’s combi oven steamer with one of the cooking modes.

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So what we're showing here, is we have our new Easy ToUCH controls, which, when you look at the display, it looks very similar to a lot of the smartphones that you see. Very simple operation. You can choose between steam, combi, and hot air. You set your temperature, set your time, hit start, and off you go.

So it's very simple operations, very few buttons to use the full capacity of the oven. In steam mode, you can go as low as 86, or as high as 248 degrees. Combi mode, you go from 212 all the way to 480, and hot air, you get the full 86 degrees, all the way up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

So with our small counter top models, we have both the three pan and five pan model available. The three pan model that you see right here is very similar to the footprint of that of a three pan steamer, and that's really what we're looking to get into. So when you see an opportunity, or you're looking to do some steaming, instead of going with just a regular three pan steamer, we now offer, in the same size footprint, a fully functioning combi oven.

For just a little bit more money, you get a lot more versatility. You can see you can get the touch screen controls, which also has USB capability, for programming and transferring easily of recipes. Then below, you have your automatic cleaning, and that is a hands free cleaning system. So once you get those jugs and you hook it up to the unit, for one month, you don't have to handle any chemicals. It's completely hands free and automatic. These can also be stacked. If you see right here, this three pan can be stacked on top of another three pan unit. So that offers double the through put, without increasing your foot print. So double stacking capabilities, the three pan, and the five pan model are both available with the easy touch, which is an option.

They also are available with the cleaning system, which is also an option. Then the last thing I want to show you, is just something that we had cooking in the oven while it was running. So even though it's a smaller size cavity, you still get quite a bit of capacity. I think it can fit up to six whole chickens - there's one right there, that we had in there the whole time, [inaudible] and you can look inside when you're done.

You just put the cleaning, and then, if you look up top, you see your dishwasher arm. There's your two shower heads right there. They turn on and rinse out the cavity, and you're cleaned and ready to go the next day. So David Ash, again, with Zinc Food Service Group, and thank you very much for watching.

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