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Hi my name is Jerry Consala from The Garland group. Today I'm going to talk to you about the Heavy Duty Counter Line and its modular capabilities. As you can see, it's got very neat lines on the front. It was designed for front of the house or back of the house. It comes in various different sizes. The griddle goes from 24 through 72", the broiler is 24 through 60" and the open burners are 12 through 36". It can be used in various applications and it can also be melded in various applications either four inch legs or there's also an option for for a two inch skirt which allows it to be melded onto various equipment stands and refrigeration bases with a continuous clean look. I'm Jerry Consala from The Garland Group Thank you for listening to me today.

Garland Heavy Duty Counter Top Series

Equip your kitchen for success with Garland's counter top units.

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