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Garland Heavy Duty Griddle


Hi, my name is Jerry Consala from The Garland Group. And I'm going to talk to you about our Heavy-Duty Counter line griddle. This is truly a heavy-duty griddle. It has the one inch thick plate that's used on our heavy-duty ranges. It also has the recessed thermostat to sense the heat from the top of the plate. So we got a heavy one inch plate, which enables better recovery.

Garland Heavy Duty Griddle

Available in thermostatic-controlled or hi/lo valve-controlled models..

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And in order to enhance that recovery you must get the thermostats closer to the surface. So the bottom of the plate is actually machined to take the thermostat sensors inside the plate and sense the top of the plate. It's a fully stainless steel construction in and out. We put grease trays And Piezo ignition standard, electric ignition optional. And it comes with two options of control, thermostatic snap action control or high/low control, which is more difficult to control the plate.

Thermostatic will give you a more continuous type of control across the top of the plate. And it is designed, as I said before, very heavy-duty. It's modular. It fits with the rest of our heavy duty counter equipment, the broiler and the open burners. My name is Jerry Consala from the Garland Group. Thank you for listening today.

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