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Hi. My name is Gerry Kinsella and I'm from the Garland Group. I'm here today to talk to you about our Sunfire range. The Sunfire range is our entry-level model, part of the popular G-series ranges, with a lot of the similar features. Basically the ranges were designed with a common chassis and with a lot of similar qualities.

Garland X36-6R Sunfire 6 Burner Gas Range with Standard Oven

6 burner, single oven setup in a stainless steel shell boasts classic power with modern features.

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You get the same features and benefits with the top of this range that you do on the G series. You get your 27-inch depth of cooking, equally spaced burners for six large pots, two piece burner, high efficiency, and the top grates are designed the same way with the cover for the pilots and the heat management tab. What this heat management tab does is it reduces the temperature that transfers into the rail, a very important feature.

We also have the same material in the knobs, cool to touch. We also have the three piece tray, completely formed as one piece, very rigid and easy to grab with one hand and put in the dishwasher. Moving down to the door, we've got the five pieces on the door. We've got the thermal breaks, we've got the blocks. This all reduces heat going into the handle.

Garland Sunfire X60-6R24RR - 6 Burner Range with 24" Griddle and Broiler

6 burner | dual ovens | 24 inch griddle | broiler | stainless steel chassis

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Our oven interior is slightly different; we only have porcelain on the bottom, and a two-piece rack system but it is totally removable, again, for easy cleaning. Easy cleaning and durability were things that came up during the advice of the customer. We have the same spring-loaded system. Easy to adjust if the door comes loose.

So again, just to recap, this is the Garland X series range. It comes in 24, 36, 48 and 60, with multiple top configurations; griddles, hot tops, and open top burners. My name is Gerry Kinsella and I'm from the Garland Group. Thank you for listening today.

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Hello. I am looking for a 48" home range. Double ovens, 4/6 burners and a broiler.

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