Video Overview | Garland U.S. Range - U Series Range

Video Overview | Garland U.S. Range - U Series Range

Sep 24th 2014 Written by meredithlangley

A quality range is a must-have for busy kitchens. Born out of the design of Garland’s renown G Series range, the U.S. Range U Series brings high-level performance to the mid-level price range. With expert engineering and top-shelf construction, the U Series is at home in any kitchen.


Hi, my name is Jerry Consala from the Garland Group. I'm here today to talk to you about our US Range, which is part of our Garland G Series Range Series.

U.S. Range U36-6R 36" Gas Range

A large 27" work surface provides all the room you need to do your cooking, and the spacious oven accepts full size sheet pans in either direction.

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Very similar features and benefits. Same 27-inch cooking surface, split, heavy-duty grates with heat management tabs that keeps your front rail cool, two-piece, high-efficiency burner, and top grate with covers to cover your pilots. Stainless steel finished rail. As we move down, we have the cool-to-touch, ergonomic knobs. Easy to adjust without locking up, and the chef can turn them on and off, know they're on and off.

Same three-piece tray with the forms, totally forms with the formed legs on the bottom. Five-piece handle reduces temperature on the handle, makes it easier to touch for the Cook. Going down into the oven, we got a porcelainized oven, aluminized sides, three-piece rack position, totally removable, again, to make the oven easy to clean.

Heavy-duty door will withstand 450 pounds, should anybody decide to step up on the door, which cleaners do. Double spring system, easy adjustable, even by an operator, can simply adjust it here, make sure that the oven door is always at the right tension. Just moving slightly back into the oven, also the same as our G Series Range, we have the heavy cast H Series burner, which is a heavy cast burner, multi-ported, improves efficiency, and heat in the oven.

Just moving back up, if we can recap. Basically, this is the U Series. It's available in 24, 36, 48, and 60. It's available with multiple top configurations. Open burners, griddles, hot tops, and also comes in a 60-inch step-up griddle. So it's available for restaurants that want to do multiple types of cooking on top of the range. My name is Jerry Consala. Thank you for listening today.

Sep 24th 2014 meredithlangley

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