Video Overview | Ginger Limeade With The Quiet One Vitamix Commercial Blender

Vitamix The Quiet One Commercial Blender blending a craft cocktail


One of the benefits of the Quiet One is for your front of house bar program. You can create craft cocktails like the ginger limeade we're going to be doing here. We start off with our water. We have sugar. We have a nob of ginger, and what this is going to do is we're to then blend that up to create that signature sort of spice in this drink.

Vitamix 36019 - The Quiet One Blender - 48oz

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We have limes. And then we have just a little bit of ice to finish this off. Now, we're to utilize our pre-programs on this. So we already have it set to the specifications for this drink. Close the lid so that it's nice and quiet. And this is your ginger limeade.

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