Video Overview | Green Mint Smoothie With The Vitamix XL Commercial Blender

Vitamix XL Commercial Blender with fruit ingredients


One of the key features about our Vitamix machines is our vortex, and what we're going to be doing today is creating that vortex by building a smoothie in our one and a half gallon container, using our XL machine. What I'd like to do now is build this smoothie for you, with a couple cups of water, some grapes, and what this will do is allow the ingredients to flow freely through the blades, and allow them to get really nice and pulverized. We've got some spinach, and some mint. We don't need to use a lot, because the blades are designed to pulverize. So, it will release the essential oils in the mint, really making it live and vibrant within the smoothie.

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We've got some pineapple. And finally we've got a little bit of frozen mango. We like the mango because it adds a lot more flavor, and it doesn't dilute any of our smoothies and adds a nice frozen component to it. We're going to put the lid on top and place it on our blending base. What we're going to do for this is run this from 1 to 10, for roughly one minute. And what you'll do is, you'll see the ingredients pull down into the blades, creating a really nice vortex and one of the smoothest smoothies. And here we have our green mint smoothie.

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