Video Overview | Hollandaise Sauce With The Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 Commercial Blender

Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 Blender blending hollandaise sauce


While we understand the traditional ways of making Hollandaise are important, and that's what you're at culinary school to learn, we thought we'd take the time to show you how to make it in the blender, especially in our Vita-Prep 3. The reason we're able to do this is the friction of the blades help cook the egg yolk slightly, as well as we're able to use whole melted butter versus clarified butter, creating an overall better-tasting Hollandaise with more flavor.

Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 Commercial Blender - 64oz - 3.0hp

Built with a 3 hp motor, the Vita-Prep 3 is designed for long run-times and continuous use.

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So, what we'll do now is we'll build the Hollandaise in the blender by adding a little bit of lemon juice, egg yolks, a touch of hot sauce, and some salt and pepper. And we're going to blend this on high to bring everything together, and to cook those egg yolks slightly. Then, we'll reduce the speed and add our warm, whole butter through the lid plug opening. And there you have it, our Hollandaise in the Vita-Prep 3.

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