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Hi, my name is Josh I'm from Prima Supply, and I'm here today to show off Ice-O-matic's slope front ice storage bins. Ice-O-matic makes five different sizes of these storage bins all the way from the B25 which holds 242lbs of ice at a time all the way up to the giant B100 which can handle up to 854lbs of ice at a time.

Ice-O-Matic Model B40PS - 365 lbs Ice Storage Bin

365 lbs of storage, corrosion resistant bin liner, foam insulated and adjustable legs.

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Today, though we're looking at the B40 which clocks in at 344lbs of ice storage capacity. It's a very popular size due to the fact that it is small enough to fit into tight spaces, but also large enough to hold a respectable amount of ice. All slope front style bins sport thick, foam-insulated walls that are sandwiched between the stainless steel exterior and a corrosion proof polyethylene interior.

Now, we often get asked the question, "Do I need to have a drain on premise when I install an ice bin and cuber machine?" and the answer is, "Yes, you do, " that is unless you want your ice bin to become a kiddie pool you need to have a place for water to drain. You see, even though Ice-O-matic provides a nice seal between the cuber and the bin, and even though the walls are stuffed full of insulation a certain amount of ice is still going to melt and you need to have a way of getting that water out of the ice bin. Thus, there is a drain in the bottom of every ice bin which will pull water away and funnel it into a drainage system on site. Now you need to make sure that this drainage systems sits below the bottom of the ice maker in order to ensure proper water flow.

So in addition to the drain and the thick insulation slope-front style bins are cinch to get ice. It's easy to reach inside and to grab ice. And all bins have 4-6 inch adjustable feet which allows you to insure that the bin is level once you get it on premise.

Ice-O-matic's slope front ice storage bins are made to pair with Ice-O-matic's ICE modular ice makers. Now the beauty of the modular design is that it allows you to pair production capacity with your needed ice storage capacity to meet your unique needs. The most common combination of slope front bins in ICE series ice makers, do not require an adapter for you to mount the ice maker on the bin itself. With the exception of the ICE1506 and higher cube ice maker as long as your maker and your bin have the same width you should be able to mount it without needing an adapter.

If we were putting this into production then we would strap the cuber down to the bin to make sure that it doesn't shift. If you do need to pair a cuber and bin of different sized width then you can buy an adapter which allows you to mount the cuber on a different sized bin. With Ice-O-matic's modular design it's a cinch to find the perfect ice maker and bin combination to meet your ice needs.

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