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Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series Ice Maker


Ice is food. Elevation Series Machines feature an innovative design to keep ice safe and sanitary. Make it quick and easy to de-scale and sanitize, and allow for effortless wipe downs between service calls. The unique Food Zone allows the machine to be dismantled without tools and can be kept clean for anyone with a few minutes and a clean rag. In this short video, we'll demonstrate how to dismantle the Food Zone and show you all of the dishwasher-safe parts. Front panel. Top panel. Top cover. Water hose. Evaporator splash guard. Curtain. Water distribution tube. Water reservoir. Once dismantled, you can wipe down the plastic edges of the machine. When it is time to put it back together, simply reinstall all of the parts in reverse order.

Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series Ice Makers

Seamless, crevice-free food zone is entirely sealed off from mechanical parts making cleaning and sanitation fast and efficient.

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