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Hi, my name's Danielle and I'm from Ice-O-Matic. I'm excited to tell you a little about our new series of units, the GEMD Pearl Ice and Water dispensers. With their quiet operation and countertop design, these units are ideal for hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants, and offices. Our GEMD machines feature contamination safeguards like two dedicated spouts and a touchless dispense system that eliminates cross-contamination. Nurses are better able to supply ice and water to their patients quickly and safely. And because patient comfort and safety is of the utmost importance, Pearl Ice is the perfect option, it's soft, chewable, and easy to swallow.

Ice-O-Matic GEMD270A - 273 lbs/day Pearl Ice and Water Dispenser

Features touch-free dispense that provides easy, sanitary operation.

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Whatever your needs, you'll always have ice on hand since the GEMD series offers a variety of sizes with high capacity production and storage. And since any of our GEMD machines quickly install on an existing counter or on an optional stand, your unit can be placed nearly anywhere. Ice will be available at all times in the most convenient locations. With our size ranges and contamination safeguards, the Ice-O-Matic GEMD series units are ideal for providing safe, pure ice wherever it's needed most. Learn more about the GEMD series and our other ice machines at

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