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Ice-O-Matic Pearl Undercounter Ice Machine


Hi everyone, my name's Danielle and I'm from Ice-O-Matic. Today everyone's talking about chewable ice. It's soft and long lasting making it a consumer favorite. At Ice-O-Matic we offer a unique type called Pearl Ice. It blends quickly and displaces liquid better than any other ice. So I'd like to introduce you to our latest under-counter unit, the GEMU090 pro-ice machine. At 15 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and 34 inches high, this unit offers a small footprint so it fits comfortably into unique locations. It's great for luxury suites, break rooms, offices and bars. Although it looks small, the GEMU090 packs a big punch by producing up to 85 pounds per day and storing up to 22 pounds of your favorite chewable ice.

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 85 lbs/day Undercounter Pearl Ice Machine

Simple 115 volt plug-in design installs virtually anywhere

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Because of its size, this unit fits snugly under a standard counter. And because the GEMU090 is approved for outdoor use, it's perfect for outdoor patios and cafés. By far, one of the greatest features of this machine is its easy installation. It comes with a 115 volt plug in design so it can be installed easily without the need for an electrician. And the optional drain pump allows for install nearly anywhere. The GEMU090 is the perfect unit to make soft, chewable pro-ice available anytime space is at a premium. Find out more about the GEMU090 and our other ice machines by visiting us online at

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