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Ice-O-Matic Modular Ice Maker


Hi this is Josh with Prima Supply. Today, we're showing off Ice-O-matic's ICE250 modular cuber ice machine. This is a great ice machine if you're looking for a little more production than a standard under counter can provide, but also want to save a little bit of space as well.

Air Cooled Ice Maker PLUS 344 pound storage bin

The B40 slope front bin holds up to 344 pounds of ice. Includes scoop and holder.

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This is among the shortest of Ice-O-matic's modulars, but even with it's compact size it still produces 361lbs of cube ice per day. The beauty of the modular design is that you can customize the bin or dispenser to your liking. If you want to store more ice you can get a larger bin, or if you want to put the machine on top of a soft drink dispenser, not a problem.

Air Cooled Ice Maker PLUS 242 pound storage bin

The B25 slope front bin holds up to 242 pounds of ice. Includes scoop and holder.

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Today, we've got an Ice-O-matic B40 sloped front bin which stores up to 344lbs of ice at a time. It also has a built in scoop holder and adjustable legs for a fine-tuned fit. With a modular ice system you can really make your ice machine fit your specific needs.

Ice-O-Matic Air Cooled Half Cube Ice Maker

Half-dice cubes - perfect for blended drinks, iced coffee, and typical restaurant beverages.

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The ICE250 features a finger print free finish which reduces the need to clean the exterior. It also has an antimicrobial agent called Pure Ice, which inhibits bacterial growth and promotes clean and clear ice. With no air filter maintenance in this machine is easy and you can expect a long service life.

In fact Ice-O-matic has one of the longest warranties in the industry with up to seven years coverage available on the compressor. In short, Ice-O-matic makes solid machines and ICE250 is a great modular cuber choice for restaurants who need moderate ice production but have limited space available. Thanks for watching.

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